Our ButeykoKids DVD set was developed by international Buteyko practitioner and author Patrick McKeown. For the past eight years, thousands of children have attended his courses in Europe and North America. The DVD set captures his complete course so that children can learn and benefit from the comfort of their own home.

Patrick McKeown first read about the Buteyko Method in 1997 in The Irish Independent newspaper. At the time, his asthma was steadily deteriorating and he was searching for help. He first applied the Buteyko Method to help with his own condition and within days he knew that he was on the road to recovery.

"I felt my chest easing as soon as I closed my mouth and switched to nasal breathing. It wasnt easy at the start given that I was a chronic mouth breather for over twenty years. However, the time spent observing my breathing was nothing compared with the fatigue, disrupted sleep, constant wheezing and being caught for air. Within days my usage of Ventolin reliever decreased from fourteen puffs to one puff a day. Nine months from commencement of the Buteyko Method, I no longer required steroid inhaler, tablets at night or short acting reliever, nor was I experiencing severe exacerbations which required nebuliser and courses of oral steroids. "

In 2002, Patrick trained and was accredited as a practitioner by the Late Dr Buteyko and returned to Ireland to found his renowned AsthmaCare clinics. Since then, thousands of children and adults have attended his courses in Europe and the USA for a variety of complaints including asthma, rhinitis, fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, snoring, sleep apnoea, crooked teeth and correct development of jaws.

McKeown has written five books including the best seller Asthma free naturally, Close Your Mouth, Anxiety free: stop worrying and quieten your mind, ABC to be Asthma Free and Buteyko Meets Dr Mew. He is committed to ensuring that children learn to breathe correctly and so avoid many of the health problems that he experienced during his childhood.

Patrick is the practitioner teaching three children on the ButeykoKids DVD. The DVD captures exactly how Patrick teaches children attending his AsthmaCare clinic.